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In January I had the pleasure of working with Paul Macman for two whole days at a beautiful mansion, Plas Cilybebyll in Wales.

This was the first time I’ve ever worked with Paul – and we got on so well!! We both have very similar tastes when it comes to photography and were continually bouncing ideas off each other. I had great fun and we achieved a lot!

Here are just a few of the images (all ©Paul Macman):

U N T I T L E D Sunk Skinny Dipper Pronation










(The chemicals in the swimming pool were a bit strong – my face was a trashed and my hair reeked for days afterwards!! But we got some fabulous shots – so definitely worth it!! Nothing a bit (or a lot!) of Bio Oil can’t sort out!!)

We were also joined by other wonderful photographers and models. It was so nice meeting everybody – I love getting to know other models, I seem to spend a lot of time with photographers (not that I’m complaining!! 😉 ). But I find it’s always rather lovely to meet girls who do the same job as me. I had the pleasure of meeting Leah Axl, Harriet Langley, Ella Rose, Rosa Dela and many others – all very lovelyl!

My roomie for the night was Rosa – she was great fun and spent most of the evening chatting away! The next day I couldn’t resist ambushing Rosa and photographer, John Duder’s glamour set! It was lovely to get a quick photograph of Rosa and I! May be one day we’ll work together again (but next time, hopefully the shoot will last longer than 1o minutes!).

Rosa and I:

Rosa and I






©John Duder


My two day shoot was exhausting, but I’m so glad I did it!! Thank you to everybody who was there – I really had a marvellous time!


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Posted by helenstephensmodel on March 8, 2013

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