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Here’s to 2014!

Gee Whizz!! I can’t believe 2014 is nigh – where the devil did 2013 go?! 

Although 2013 was a bit of a pants year for me, as modelling is concerned. I had to take a huge amount of time off thanks to epilepsy!!

But on the bright side… my year had many positives too. My time off gave me time to reflect, time to get myself better and to aim to get back doing what I love – modelling!

I discovered how wonderful and supportive people can be in times of need. All the help and best wishes I received really touched me, it really spurred me on to work out ways to sort out my condition, learn to cope and get my life back on track. Also, thank you for everyone’s continuing ‘Welcome Back!’ messages, your kindness has been a total boost! I’m certainly glad to be back!


Although shooting was very limited, I did get the chance to shoot with some rather smashing people:

Matt Thompson

Gregory Brown

Kris Karl

Stella Morais

Eddie Cheng

Scott Chappel

David Greensmith


To name but a few….!!!


Oh, and I went to the Netherlands to work with the truly smashing Marc Vreenegoor and Lars Bemelmans.



I guess I have been very lucky, despite the circumstances!



And, of course… there is also the highly exciting project that I have been doing with photographer Matt Thompson. The project is called Helen’s Story. It’s a set of portraits taken by Matt accompanied with extracts from my (rather personal!) diary. This project is so important to us as it is a subject so close to our hearts.


We wish to spread epilepsy awareness and help alleviate the many stigmas associated with the condition. It’s not just about the seizures either, it’s about actually living with the condition, whether you have the epilepsy or if someone close to you has. It’s about family, friends and relationships…. Hopefully we can eventually reach out to people, not just those with epilepsy, but with other conditions and how they learn to deal with it.


I’m pleased to say that the reception we’ve received for this project has been amazing – it certainly was worth the 14 months of blood, sweat and tears! It’s also been wonderful to hear your stories and experiences too on our Facebook and Twitter pages, whether you have epilepsy or not. We all have issues to deal with in one way or another.


The project will be published and exhibited in 2014 – Eeek!!



Please take a look at our Helen’s Story Facebook and Twitter pages for updates. We would be so grateful if you would be so kind as to follow/like/share etc… Any support would be so appreciated.



Ooh, and this year, I finally worked out how to use Twitter and Tumblr (I think!!) – Hazzah!!



Well I guess 2013 hasn’t been so bad after all… but here’s to an even better 2014!!!


Happy New Year!!!


Love Helen xx


Image ©Gregory Brown – More to follow soon!Image



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Posted by helenstephensmodel on December 31, 2013

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