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Reflecting:My 2015 – April to August.


(London, Milton Keynes, Welshpool, Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon)

I had some terrific photo shoots in April, so many awesome people! So to keep my post concise (Yeah, I’m aware I have a hideous tendency to waffle on…) So here is a small taster of what I got up to in April.

Photography by  John Woodward



(Essex, London, Hampshire)

May seemed to be a month of hanging out with Lucy Lu – Lucy is awesome, so I have no complaints!


Lucy Lu and myself in action! Top image by Zaki and bottom image by Kris Karl.Top: Image by Zaki Bottom: Image by Kris Karl

Lucy and I were super busy together this month, first off we organised an event involving six photographers and six models in total at the wonderful and unquie Taliston house. It was stressful to organise, but on the day, it went so well and pleased with it.

Thank you to Anna Rose, Angel, Devon Mayson, Stephanie Dubois for being awesome.

After that, Lucy and I made our way to London, where we arranged a few duo shoots – unfortunately for one shoot, I managed to poke myself in the eye. Needless to say, my eye had swollen right up and looked a bit ghastly! Luckily for me, the shoot we had planned was a Sin City inspired shoot in which an eye patch went down rather well. In fact, very well. Serendipity!!


So all was well in the end… actually I was pretty chuffed/surprised by my quick thinking and resourcefulness!


On a final note… I also got to be a leopard!!

This was for a shoot with Adrian Dawes. Body paint by the amazing Shannen-Rae.



(London, Hampshire, Eastbourne)

June saw that I got to spend even more time with Lucy Lu – Hoorah! Time time we made our way to Eastbourne to work at our sell out two-day duo studio event (that was a bit of a mouthful) at one of my favourite studios, The Little Chelsea Gallery.

I got to be a man, a cat, a creepy doll, a 1920’s flapper girl… just to name but a few!!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes snaps!


July & August

(Southampton, London)

I decided to take it easier in July and August and just stuck to local shoots. I felt I also needed to catch up and allow myself to spend quality time with friends and family. As much as I love my job, travelling around all the time can get pretty lonely (and tiring!). Plus it made a nice change from living out of a suitcase, travelling from place-to-place every few days, crashing wherever I can, whether it be a hostel, a hotel, a sofa or a floor! I missed my bed!!!

However, I did make it up to London for and couple days in August to hang out with friends Annie Moya and Eddie Cheng.

Here’s what we got up to!


photography: E.Y.M. CHENG models: ANNIEMOYA and HELEN copyright: E.Y.M. Cheng


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