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Reflecting:My 2015 – October, November & December.


(Spain, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen)

Before embarking on my epic three-week-long North England and Scotland tour, I had a week away modelling in Moraira, Spain. I had the pleasure to work with a wonderful group of models and photographers – including one of my best mates, Devon Mayson

And now for an outtake!!! (Devon is going to kill me when she sees I’ve posted this…Bahahaha!)


OUTTAKE!! Me messing around in the pool. Image ©Ivan Rakk

And here’s a more sensible figure nude shot by Ivan Rakk…


©Ivan Rakk

Despite doing a tour that took the best part of three weeks, the whole trip flew by! It was wonderful catching up with old friends and meeting new people. I started off travelling around Yorkshire, then on to Newcastle before heading off to Scotland where I visited Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen (and then on to Glasgow, Dumfries and Manchester as November began).

Here are a couple a the images from my North England/Scotland tour…

John Anderson


Simon Lee

©Simon Lee


(Glasgow, Dumfries, Manchester, Eastbourne, London, Bristol, Southampton)

After finishing off my Scotland tour and stopping off en-route in Manchester for a few days, it wasn’t long until I was unpacking and repacking for a couple days in Eastbourne with my dear friend, Tim Bosworth and fellow model, Helen Diaz.

Helen Diaz and I had a blast doing a photo shoot with Tim on the first day and on the second day, Helen and I pretty busy working at our sell out duo studio day at Tim’s awesome studio, The Little Chelsea Gallery. I always love working with Helen, we have a great laugh together and her enthusiasm towards her work is inspiring!

I adore this image that Tim took of me on the first day of my Eastbourne trip…

©Tim Bosworth

©Tim Bosworth


(Berlin, London, Manchester)

December was spent with two of my closest friends,  Devon Mayson andKatarina Marie.

At the beginning of December, Devon and I went to Berlin for a week (we did do some work… but I’m not going to lie, we did hit the Christmas markets hard!!). I had the pleasure of hearing Devon perform live with just herself and her guitar. I never tire of listening to that lady’s beautiful voice.

Between jobs, we also manged to squeeze in some downtime at a fair few museums and galleries (yes, we did manage to pull ourselves away from the Nutella-filled crepes and the Glühwein!) I utterly loved the Helmut Newton museum, it was incredible seeing his work blown up to huge proportions and displayed beautifully in a gallery, as opposed to admiring his work in a crusty old book from the library! I also dragged Devon around Checkpoint Charlie.  As somebody who has a an interest is aspects of the cold war, this is a place I have been wanting to visit for many years and it did not disappoint…and Devon being the amazing friend that she is, put up with me whilst I read literally EVERYTHING (I know she enjoyed it really…perhaps).

Selfie Silliness with Devon Mayson

As a little Christmas gift to each other, Katarina and I booked ourselves a day at one of our favorite studios, Hallam Mill, in Stockport. Katarina and I could probably be best described at mutual muses (if that even makes sense!!)… basically, Kat and I both like to hop on either side of the camera! Kat is by far one of my favourite photographers AND one of my favourite models to photograph. Because she’s weird and arty. So this was an excellent opportunity to photograph each other… Aaaand sometimes we like to set up the camera/lights together and both jump in on the photo… which is what we did.

Click here to view a selection of Katarina’s inpiring – and I guess a tad idiosyncratic – work. I promise you, her work is not contrived, she really is naturally and wonderfully that odd.

The image below is one of our joint self-portraits that we took during our day at Hallam Mill. A slice of cherry pie and a cup of damn fine, black coffee for those who can guess where we got our styling inspiration from…

Twin Peaks

‘Where We’re From, The Birds Sing A Pretty Song’. Katarin Marie and I. Image by ©Katarina Marie and Slink

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