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Warning: A Horrifically Belated Post!!

So I’ve been disgustingly behind with my work and I’ve just realised that I haven’t yet bored you with my happenings and goings on in 2016.

Well, I was very lucky to work with lots of wonderful people – including duo shoots with my friends Katarina Marie, Chiara Elizabetta, Bad Dolly, Annie Moya, Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle.

During 2016 I toured round several places in the UK, working with old friends, meeting up with familiar faces and I also got the pleasure to work with a selection of photographers I had never previously worked with.

I also found myself playing photographer more and had much fun shooting some self-portraits under my photography guise of ‘Slink‘ and by working with my creative partner in crime, Katarina Marie as our duo project, Slink and Kositzki. Original blog can be read here.

In 2016, I decided to write a blog on being gender fluid, which had a fantastic response – thank you so much everyone for all your lovely messages! It was wonderful to chat to others with similar feelings too.

Although my touring schedule for 2016 was not as jam-packed as previous years, I think it’s safe to say that 2016 was a pretty eventful year for me. I think most predominately my charity head shave for Young Epilepsy. I went from having long auburn hair to a grade two buzzcut!


The Headshave!

Since I wanted to do the shave as close to Epilepsy Awareness Day (26th March) as possible – I had a shoot booked over that weekend – so the nearest date I could do was the 28th, when I happened to be staying with my good friends, Howard and Karen Kennedy in Aberdeen. Since Karen used to be a hairdresser, then it only seemed right for her to do the honours of ridding me of my auburn locks, whilst Howard filmed the event. I also decided to do a little Facebook live feed (the first time I’d ever done one!!) so family and friends could essentially be with me whilst the deed was being done. So as I started the feed, it started off with a few friends and family members… but then I started to see the number of veiwers rise… 50… 100… 300…500. I’m actually pretty shy and although I do (arbite, seldomly) talk on camera, people who know me well will tell you that I’d probably rather eat spiders than talk on camera. It was terrifying, more so than the headshave! I was truly not expecting it and the support I got from hundreds of wonderful people brought a lump to my throat (which, incidentally, made talking on camera even more of a challenge, not to mention Howard tearing up in the corner whilst he was filming me!). I really am finding it difficult to articulate exactly how shocked I was to see so much support from amazing people and how grateful I am to everyone’s generosity. Not just through donations, but also from friends/followers that did not have any spare cash to donate, but still helped to spread the word for my fundraiser. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The headshave video went viral on Facebook. The last time I looked, back in April, it reached over ten thousand views. I still can’t believe it. And so far my current total raised £6,191.53 – and that’s without gift aid (add another £822.25!).

If you would like to see the headshave video recorded by Howard Kennedy in full, including a pre-headshave interview, click on the link HERE. Please note: I may of had a one or two whiskeys prior to the headshave, so I’m slurring a little *hic* I seriously had no idea it was going to go viral, so apologies in advance if I look like a bit of a drunken mess.


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Posted by helenstephensmodel on May 2, 2017

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