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An Ensemble of Crushing Truth

I’m often bemused when I’m asked to bring ‘something you wear on a night out with the girls’ for a shoot – I’m guessing they’re expecting some kind of a snazzy mini dress – totally forgetting that I’m in my thirties, with cellulite and a sagging arse. My idea of a crazy night is to stay up past 11.00 whilst sat in bed scoffing a whole packet of Oreo’s and quaffing almond milk.
Even on the rare occasion of going out, I usually hangout with a mixture of males and females – I think I’ve gone out ‘on a night with the girls’ on a total of three times in my entire miserable life. Even then, the smartest I’d ever go would be jeans and a vest top. I might even add a cheeky necklace if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.
I’m never sure whether to explain the situation, or just to bite-the-bullet and wear a clothing stereotype… or just to rock up with an ensemble of crushing truth.
Hmmmm…. Answers on a postcard please.
(This is quite possibly the smartest you will EVER find me outside of a photoshoot or a wedding)16999135_10158340489445204_4414193982304984858_n
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Posted by helenstephensmodel on May 3, 2017

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