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Whilst my profession is modeling, for my own personal enjoyment I like to do a bit of acting from time to time!


GCSE: Drama
GCSE: Performing Arts
AS Level: Theatre Studies
AS Level: Comtempory Dance

Acting age: 16-25


Non-fictious character ‘Eveylyn Oatley’ in a reconstruction crime scene about the Blackout Ripper, due to be aired on TV very soon. IMDB credit to follow!

Shamefully an extra in Made in Chelsea *Hangs head in shame*!


Here are a few amateur productions I have previously performed in and the characters I have portrayed;

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare) as ‘Puck’.
The Seagull (Chekov) as ‘Masha’
Vinegar Tom (Churchill) as ‘Ellen’
Teechers (Godber) as ‘Salty’
Waiting for Godot (Beckett) as ‘Estragon’
The Glass Menagerie (Williams) as ‘Laura Wingfield’
A young boy evacuee in an untitled production.