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My Rates

Right then! Now for the business-y stuff….

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be a millionaire and parade around the World pulling my shapes in front of a camera as a bit of a hobby… But, alas, I am not (boo!) and like the majority of us, I have bills to pay too!

However, my rates are very reasonable and reflective of my professional experience, reliability, commitment and creativity.

Per Hour: £45 (min 2 hours)

Or, a Discounted rate of £160 for a half day (up to four hours) and £300  for a full day (up to 8 hours)

+ transport if costs amount to over £20 or if the duration of the shoot is under a half day (I have a rail card and an eye for a rail bargain, so I travel cheap!)

Please note: I will not adjust my rate for either nude/non-nude shoots since I work just as hard during a photoshoot regardless whether I’m clothed or not. I believe the human body is beautiful thing and I wouldn’t wish to conjure up any negative connotations if I were to increase my rates when posing nude – it just feels wrong!


Collaborative/TF shoots for me is an incredibly rare occurrence, however I may consider a collaboration with exceptional photographers. Please respect that this is my only income, so don’t be offended if I decline. When approaching me for a possible collaborative shoot, then make this clear in your initial message – please don’t presume!

Please don’t bother messaging me about an ‘excellent exposure opportunity’ et cetera… I’m not interested in fame!! I just want to earn a living doing a job I’m genuinely passionate about 🙂

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