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Now for me to be serious (it doesn’t happen often, so make the most of it)…

Before booking me for a shoot, please have a read through my terms below so as to avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment. If there is anything you are unsure of, then please don’t hesitate to ask… I don’t bite, honest! 

Myself and Nude: I will not adjust my rate for nude since I work just as hard during a shoot whether clothed or unclothed. I also believe the human body is beautiful thing and I wouldn’t wish to conjure up any negative connotations if I were to increase my rates when posing nude – it just feels wrong!

Myself and Fetish:
I will happily do fetish and I have experience working with both rope and metal bondage ( I have nice feet too 😉 However, I will only consider fetish/bondage if it’s tasteful. If you do intend to do bondage, I will only work with you if you have experience in this field and are mindful towards the comfort and safety of the model (so an organised way of working and safety scissors to hand is a must). I also charge slightly more for pay-to-view site work. Since this is genre covers such a wide range of subjects, I may not be comfortable with your proposals/experience, so please don’t be offended if I decline. I know I look young, but no school girl stuff please! Please note: If the fetish you wish to shoot is a personal ‘turn on’ for you and you feel that you will not be able to behave in a completely professional manner, then do not contact me.

Collaborative Shoots:  Since I have bills to pay (boo!), collaboration/TF shoots are a very rare occurrence for me, however I may consider a collaboration with an exceptional photographer/artist. I do have a genuine passion for modelling, art and photography, so if there is a super opportunity for me to help create something wonderful and arty with you, then I may well be interested… However, if it’s merely just for ‘exposure’ or to ‘add to my portfolio’, then I simply will not even consider it. I’m not here to get famous, I’m here to do what I love – to create art! If approaching me for a possible collaborative shoot, then make this clear in your initial message – please don’t presume!

I ask you to respect that this is my only income, so don’t be offended if I decline.


Well that’s all the serious stuff out the way… Thank you for taking the time to read!! 

Helen x

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