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November Scotland Tour!!

(Information updated on 12/09/16)

I’m a professional, buzzcutted, gender-bending photobomber and self-proclaimed Lord Of The Wigs. And I shall be doing an epic Scotland Tour through the month of November!! 


8th-10th: Edinburgh

10th – 14th: Aberdeen 

Saturday 13th – Photoclassic Workshop – Aberdeen (Theme to be announced shortly)

14th – 18th: Dundee (possibly Edinburgh en route to Lanark)

18th – 21st: Lanark  Fully booked

21st – 25th: Glasgow


For all areas where I’m based, I’m happy to travel up to 2 hours on the train to your location provided travel costs are covered (I have a railcard, so I travel cheap!)


Message me for bookings and enquiries!

Love and Happiness, 

Helen xxx


Charity Studio Day at Lyon Studio! Saturday 24th September – ALL PROCEEDS TO YOUNG EPILEPSY!


I’m pleased to announce that I will be holding a charity studio day at the amazing Lyon Studio on Saturday 24th September…



About Lyon Studio: Lyon studio is an absolute playground for photographers! In it’s 2000+ sq foot, you’ll find themed sets (including a crazy mirror room!), loads of natural light and a huge collection of lighting equipment, backdrops, props and accessories. I think I could easily shoot there non-stop for a week and not run out of ideas! It really is fab. The studio is very easily accessible with Hersham Station being only 3 mins walk away from the Studio, and 20 mins direct from Waterloo by train.

About Me: I’m a professional model, modelling for more years than I care to admit to Wink I have over 300+ positive references to my name and I’ve been published and exhibited worldwide. I pride myself on my versatility and my ability to adapt myself to a variety of different photographic genres, such as nude, glamour, androgyny, boudoir, bondage, soft erotica, portraiture, beauty, fashion, commercial… I’m like a little chameleon!

I have a buzzcut and a forever expanding selection of wigs – so I’m pretty darn versatile and can completely change my look in an instant!!

Slots only £50ph – all in!! This includes the use of a HUGE and totally unique studio, lighting assistance (if required) and an extremely experienced and versatile professional model (moi!). And of course, a supply of tea and coffee (the most important thing!)

Lot’s of love,

Helen xxx

If you cannot make this event but would still like put towards my fundraising – please visit my Just Giving page: 


About The easyJet Thing…

Okie doke! So after being nearly a week away in Greece with absolutely no internet signal, I’ve returned to HUNDREDS of messages and notifications et cetera… (bear with me guys, I’m working through them all)

So whilst I’m sat typing in my bed, chomping on a Cornetto (I know how to live), I thought I’d write a little something about the incident regarding myself being asked to leave an easyJet plane which I was due to travel on for a friend’s wedding, after having a small Tonic-Clonic Seizure. (You can read the story here).

First off, I would like to say a HUGE thank you for everyone’s support. I’m struggling to articulate how grateful I am towards everyone… but you’re bloody TERRIFIC!

For those who do not know, this all started with myself posting a bit of a rant on my personal Facebook page, asking for a few of my friends to help me spread the news. I was initially hoping to get a few mates to retweet me in the hope of getting easyJet’s attention on Twitter (since I know of people who have been ignored by easyJet before). However, LOADS of you shared and within about an hour, a friend of mine informed me that the Daily Express covered a piece about the incident and almost immediately after, The Independent contacted me asking for telephone interview. And a tiny bit of a media shit storm ensued. Which was utterly surprising, stressful and wonderful all at the same time. Many people had experienced similar scenarios and I also discovered that this attitude towards customers with disabilities is worryingly commonplace throughout the budget airlines. The story has been in covered in a fair few newspapers since, but I was already in Greece by then with no internet, so I only aware of this when I got back home late last night.



Now to clear some things up…

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the airline stewards were respectful and wonderful the whole time. So this is NOT about the stewards whatsoever. It is about easyJet’s policy and lack of training for their staff.


Yes, I did get put up in a hotel that night for myself and for a fellow traveler, plus we were transferred on to the flight for the next day, all free of charge. I made this clear from the start. But I’m afraid, many people are missing the point entirely. The point is that I wanted to be in Greece with my friends, not in Gatwick. I shouldn’t have been removed as I WAS well enough to fly. The seizure was minor, I was fully coherent and back to making my standard cringy dad-style jokes within minutes. The paramedics, a first aider and a lovely passenger who happened to be a nurse, all cleared me safe for travel and they fought my corner (which I’m so appreciative of).

But yet, I was still asked to leave the plane. I was clearly not a danger to staff, other passengers or myself. I did nothing wrong, yet I felt I was being punished.


I found the whole situation very condescending. I really wanted to say:


I felt people were talking around me. I’m a thirty-year-old woman who was fully conscious at the time. I know my own epilepsy better than anyone else. I know that the seizure I had was normal for me and mild. Do you really think I would want to fly if I’d had a serious seizure or had a seizure that was atypical for me? If I was seriously unwell, then obviously the last thing I’d want to do is travel! Why wasn’t I asked what I wanted?


Other comments I’ve received are that I should’ve taken a note with me from a GP…. Seriously?! Really?!!! I travel ALL the time! I’m a model, I travel. I’m not going to be handing out doctors notes everywhere I go, with everything I do. I’m a very busy woman and I don’t have the time to keep popping off to the GP’s to get a doctor’s note – I’m not at school trying to get out of netball practice! I’m an adult trying to live a normal life. Most importantly, I do not want, need or expect be defined by my disability. Unless I feel that a certain activity could be a potential risk to my health (and flying in an airplane is certainly NOT one of them), I will speak up but other than that, I absolutely do not need to.


The bottom line; I had a mild seizure. I was cleared to travel by medical professionals, yet I was still asked to leave the plane. This is nothing short of discrimination.


I am not in this for any money for myself, whatsoever. I do not make any money for myself out any of my epilepsy awareness campaigns. Ever. On the contrary, I lose money from it! If I was in it for the money, I wouldn’t have put myself in such a stressful position that I needed to go through counseling, twice, in order to finish Helen’s Story, all the time I was fully aware that I would not be receiving one single penny from it. Nor would I to risk my career as a model (not to mention my social life 😉 ) by shaving my hair off for Young Epilepsy if I wanted financial gain from the work I do to raise epilepsy awareness. I do this because it’s 2016, yet still so little is known about the most common neurological condition (about 1 in 100 people have epilepsy to a varying degree). All I want to come from this little hiccup is for Easyjet and other budget airlines to reconsider their discriminating policies regarding customers with epilepsy (and maybe if you’re really, really sorry easyJet, you could donate to my YoungEpilepsy Fundraisng page or to another Epilepsy charity 😉 ).




Incidentally, I did make the wedding on time – Hoorah!! Rachelle looked beautiful, I cried like a baby and then I drank lots of wine. I even wore a dress and heels, which put a lot of people into shock. But alas, I’m not the most elegant in heels, so I totally tripped, fell and richocheted across the ground THREE TIMES in front of an incredibly pretty man on the walk home. Wine + Heels + Helen = Numerous slapstick-worthy events.



Lastly, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to the internet trolls – you’ve been marvelous fun, as always. Hiding behind the safety of your keyboards, in a darkened room surrounded by empty crisp packets and crushed multipack Coca Cola cans, all sweaty and angry. You always give me a bit of a giggle. My favourite comment so far is being called a narcissistic ‘model’ with fat lips. (I don’t know why he thought the need to apostrophise the word ‘model’, since this is my full time business – maybe it’s due to my ‘unconventional’ model look, perhaps he feels ‘professional photobomber’ would be more appropriate?). But in absolute earnestness, I’m sending you all a massive heartfelt hug, as I feel that you guys probably haven’t had one in a very long time. The world isn’t as bad as you think it is xxx

However, I’m thinking ‘Professional Narcissistic Photobomber with Fat Lips’ should be my new slogan henceforth….


Thank you for reading and much love to you all,

Helen xxx


ps.Shameless Plug Alert: If anyone would like to donate to my Young Epilepsy fundraiser (I’m not going to grow my hair back until I raise £10k) then please visit: x


Fashion & Portraiture

September Availability! Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool & London!

Hello all! 

After being a tad reclusive and sticking mainly to local shoots for the last couple months – I feel ready and rearing to tour again in September – so I thought I’d start with Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and London.


Liverpool/Manchester: 19th – 22nd (20th & 21st left)

Birmingham: 23rd (Booked AM – Only available from 4pm on wards)


London 25th – 27th

(For everywhere I’m based, I’ll be more than happy to travel up to 1.5 hours (ish) on the train, provided travel costs are covered.) 

And then…

24th SEPTEMBER: HERSHAM CHARITY STUDIO DAY! Every single penny will go to Young Epilepsy! More details on the studio day can be found here.

About me:
I’m pretty darn unique since I will have a grade 5 buzzcut by then, and as I consider myself gender fluid, I feel I have an incredibly versatile look and can adapt myself to many different styles such as nude, glamour, pin up, androgyny, boudoir, bondage, soft erotica, portraiture, beauty, fashion, commercial… I’m like a little chameleon!

I also have a good selection of wigs and an even hair chalks!!!

I have a toned, yet curvy, physique and very pale, light reflecting skin. I’m also relatively flexible, so great for figure nude work.

As always, I love working with photographers of all levels of skill and experience – so please don’t be shy if you’re new/not confident with model photography. I’m exceptionally patient and as a bit of a hobbyist photographer myself, will try to be as helpful as I can be if required!

My rate is £40ph or a reduced rate of £100 for every three hours booked (plus transport if I’m traveling outside the areas where I’m based – I have a railcard too, so I travel cheap!).

It would be wonderful to hear from you!!


Helen xxx

Images ©Slink

Casting Censored helen

Slink & Kositzki

So over the last few months, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of photography myself – and I’m loving it!!

I’ve been gradually getting myself a portfolio together – I’ll be building a website for my work soon, but in the meantime if you fancy a sneaky peek, I have a few bits up on my photography  Instagram and Twitter pages. I’ve also compiled a small portfolio on Purpleport too.

I’ve opted for the name ‘Slink‘ – which some of you may think is a little odd! But I’ve chosen this name with the intention of keeping my photography work and modelling work relatively separate. Additionally, I kinda like the idea of having a gender neutral name… and that Slink is a rather endearing nickname I’ve proudly held for the past 15 years or so.

And more excitingly… (well, for me anyway!), I’ve recently evoked a little collaborative project alongside one of my favourite people to work with, both as a photographer and a model (or modelographer, as I believe it  has been coined in more recent years!)… the wonderfully odd and incredibly creative, Katarina Marie! When I say recent, we started this on Monday! So although we’ve been discussing it, taking images of each other and creating joint self-portraits for a little while now, we officially commenced the process of taking our little project further this week. Hoorah!

So there we have it! The beginnings of the Slink & Kositzki partnership – watch this space!!!

Here’s a few bits we have so far…. (more can be found on Instagram too!)…

Art Nude

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reflecting:My 2015 – October, November & December.


(Spain, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen)

Before embarking on my epic three-week-long North England and Scotland tour, I had a week away modelling in Moraira, Spain. I had the pleasure to work with a wonderful group of models and photographers – including one of my best mates, Devon Mayson

And now for an outtake!!! (Devon is going to kill me when she sees I’ve posted this…Bahahaha!)


OUTTAKE!! Me messing around in the pool. Image ©Ivan Rakk

And here’s a more sensible figure nude shot by Ivan Rakk…


©Ivan Rakk

Despite doing a tour that took the best part of three weeks, the whole trip flew by! It was wonderful catching up with old friends and meeting new people. I started off travelling around Yorkshire, then on to Newcastle before heading off to Scotland where I visited Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen (and then on to Glasgow, Dumfries and Manchester as November began).

Here are a couple a the images from my North England/Scotland tour…

John Anderson


Simon Lee

©Simon Lee


(Glasgow, Dumfries, Manchester, Eastbourne, London, Bristol, Southampton)

After finishing off my Scotland tour and stopping off en-route in Manchester for a few days, it wasn’t long until I was unpacking and repacking for a couple days in Eastbourne with my dear friend, Tim Bosworth and fellow model, Helen Diaz.

Helen Diaz and I had a blast doing a photo shoot with Tim on the first day and on the second day, Helen and I pretty busy working at our sell out duo studio day at Tim’s awesome studio, The Little Chelsea Gallery. I always love working with Helen, we have a great laugh together and her enthusiasm towards her work is inspiring!

I adore this image that Tim took of me on the first day of my Eastbourne trip…

©Tim Bosworth

©Tim Bosworth


(Berlin, London, Manchester)

December was spent with two of my closest friends,  Devon Mayson andKatarina Marie.

At the beginning of December, Devon and I went to Berlin for a week (we did do some work… but I’m not going to lie, we did hit the Christmas markets hard!!). I had the pleasure of hearing Devon perform live with just herself and her guitar. I never tire of listening to that lady’s beautiful voice.

Between jobs, we also manged to squeeze in some downtime at a fair few museums and galleries (yes, we did manage to pull ourselves away from the Nutella-filled crepes and the Glühwein!) I utterly loved the Helmut Newton museum, it was incredible seeing his work blown up to huge proportions and displayed beautifully in a gallery, as opposed to admiring his work in a crusty old book from the library! I also dragged Devon around Checkpoint Charlie.  As somebody who has a an interest is aspects of the cold war, this is a place I have been wanting to visit for many years and it did not disappoint…and Devon being the amazing friend that she is, put up with me whilst I read literally EVERYTHING (I know she enjoyed it really…perhaps).

Selfie Silliness with Devon Mayson

As a little Christmas gift to each other, Katarina and I booked ourselves a day at one of our favorite studios, Hallam Mill, in Stockport. Katarina and I could probably be best described at mutual muses (if that even makes sense!!)… basically, Kat and I both like to hop on either side of the camera! Kat is by far one of my favourite photographers AND one of my favourite models to photograph. Because she’s weird and arty. So this was an excellent opportunity to photograph each other… Aaaand sometimes we like to set up the camera/lights together and both jump in on the photo… which is what we did.

Click here to view a selection of Katarina’s inpiring – and I guess a tad idiosyncratic – work. I promise you, her work is not contrived, she really is naturally and wonderfully that odd.

The image below is one of our joint self-portraits that we took during our day at Hallam Mill. A slice of cherry pie and a cup of damn fine, black coffee for those who can guess where we got our styling inspiration from…

Twin Peaks

‘Where We’re From, The Birds Sing A Pretty Song’. Katarin Marie and I. Image by ©Katarina Marie and Slink

Reflecting:My 2015 – April to August.


(London, Milton Keynes, Welshpool, Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon)

I had some terrific photo shoots in April, so many awesome people! So to keep my post concise (Yeah, I’m aware I have a hideous tendency to waffle on…) So here is a small taster of what I got up to in April.

Photography by  John Woodward



(Essex, London, Hampshire)

May seemed to be a month of hanging out with Lucy Lu – Lucy is awesome, so I have no complaints!


Lucy Lu and myself in action! Top image by Zaki and bottom image by Kris Karl.Top: Image by Zaki Bottom: Image by Kris Karl

Lucy and I were super busy together this month, first off we organised an event involving six photographers and six models in total at the wonderful and unquie Taliston house. It was stressful to organise, but on the day, it went so well and pleased with it.

Thank you to Anna Rose, Angel, Devon Mayson, Stephanie Dubois for being awesome.

After that, Lucy and I made our way to London, where we arranged a few duo shoots – unfortunately for one shoot, I managed to poke myself in the eye. Needless to say, my eye had swollen right up and looked a bit ghastly! Luckily for me, the shoot we had planned was a Sin City inspired shoot in which an eye patch went down rather well. In fact, very well. Serendipity!!


So all was well in the end… actually I was pretty chuffed/surprised by my quick thinking and resourcefulness!


On a final note… I also got to be a leopard!!

This was for a shoot with Adrian Dawes. Body paint by the amazing Shannen-Rae.



(London, Hampshire, Eastbourne)

June saw that I got to spend even more time with Lucy Lu – Hoorah! Time time we made our way to Eastbourne to work at our sell out two-day duo studio event (that was a bit of a mouthful) at one of my favourite studios, The Little Chelsea Gallery.

I got to be a man, a cat, a creepy doll, a 1920’s flapper girl… just to name but a few!!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes snaps!


July & August

(Southampton, London)

I decided to take it easier in July and August and just stuck to local shoots. I felt I also needed to catch up and allow myself to spend quality time with friends and family. As much as I love my job, travelling around all the time can get pretty lonely (and tiring!). Plus it made a nice change from living out of a suitcase, travelling from place-to-place every few days, crashing wherever I can, whether it be a hostel, a hotel, a sofa or a floor! I missed my bed!!!

However, I did make it up to London for and couple days in August to hang out with friends Annie Moya and Eddie Cheng.

Here’s what we got up to!


photography: E.Y.M. CHENG models: ANNIEMOYA and HELEN copyright: E.Y.M. Cheng


Reflecting: My 2015 – January, February & March


(London & Southampton)

I eased off of on the touring during January as I was preparing myself for an huge Scotland tour, which was to occupy the majority of February (I love Scotland, so I had no complaints!). Instead, I took to local shoots around Hampshire and spent a few days working in London…

…And of course, a London trip wouldn’t be complete without a photo shoot, food crawl and gallery visit with Eddie Cheng

Here’s what we got up to (before we decided that eating sushi was more important than taking pictures!)…




(Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dumfries)

Another fun-packed trip to Scotland! I adore visiting Scotland and in the time since I began touring there two years ago, I’ve made some wonderful friends. It’s the only place outside of my hometown of Southampton of which I feel truly relaxed and at home.

During my stay in Aberdeen, I modelled at a Photoclassic boudoir workshop (‘Soft and Gentle’) Below is one of the images taken during the workshop by Mr Photoclassic himself, the brilliant Howard Kennedy…


Taken at Photoclassic’s ‘Soft and Gentle’ Workshop ©Howard Kennedy


…And then John McNairn made me walk around in an old, abandoned hospital barefoot!! The pictures look excellent, so all is forgiven!

To sneak a peak at the rest of the images from this fab set by the awesome Mr McNairn, click HERE

The Hospital Attic

©John McNairn

To round my tour off, I stayed with my incredibly good friend, Katarina Marie. I had a go at photographing her (since she is also a fabulous model on top of being a very talented photographer), but then she took some pictures of me and blew all of my feeble attempts out of the water! She also succeeded in taking one of my favourite pictures of myself EVER!!

This one was taken on Valentine’s Day. I despise Valentine’s Day – whether I’m in a relationship or not. It’s the ficklest of all the fickle holidays. A commercial pile of shite. Expression should be expressed all year round, not just when the card shops command you to buy their tacky produce and when wilting carnations sold at petrol stations happen to temporarily increase in value. So, to express my thoughts regarding this annual display of cheap cards, roses perilously sheathed with thorns and the customary, disappointing sex – we thought it would be a good idea to do the most unromantic shoot we could concoct with resources available to us.

So on Valentine’s Day, after taking a few days off from modelling (except for a brief shoot the night before) coinciding with myself slobbing around the house for a few days – Kat suggested that it would be the perfect opportunity to do a shoot. Exactly as I was. Warts and all. That morning, I had woken up with my hair in a frizzy, greasy bun. Additionally, I totally forgot to take off my make up from my shoot night before (naughty), so so I had make up smudge everywhere. Basically, I looked like the Joker having a bad day. I then put on a random satin body suit and Kat dished up the cold leftovers from the night before and asked me to plant my face in it. Standard.

So there we have it…

‘Happy Valentines Day, Motherf*ckers’


‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Motherfuckers’ @Katarina Marie Artist



(Southampton, London, Isle of Wight)

Upon concluding my Scotland tour, I decided that it would be very sensible to chill out during March. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for photo shoots and I find it difficult to turn down work. I also worked with some lovely people, so that’s good.

I kept it all local though, so I was kind of sensible. Sort of.

Anyway! Here is a small selection of images from a shoot I did with the terrific Pablo Ray