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Lingerie & Soft Erotica.


Here’s to 2014!

Gee Whizz!! I can’t believe 2014 is nigh – where the devil did 2013 go?! 

Although 2013 was a bit of a pants year for me, as modelling is concerned. I had to take a huge amount of time off thanks to epilepsy!!

But on the bright side… my year had many positives too. My time off gave me time to reflect, time to get myself better and to aim to get back doing what I love – modelling!

I discovered how wonderful and supportive people can be in times of need. All the help and best wishes I received really touched me, it really spurred me on to work out ways to sort out my condition, learn to cope and get my life back on track. Also, thank you for everyone’s continuing ‘Welcome Back!’ messages, your kindness has been a total boost! I’m certainly glad to be back!


Although shooting was very limited, I did get the chance to shoot with some rather smashing people:

Matt Thompson

Gregory Brown

Kris Karl

Stella Morais

Eddie Cheng

Scott Chappel

David Greensmith


To name but a few….!!!


Oh, and I went to the Netherlands to work with the truly smashing Marc Vreenegoor and Lars Bemelmans.



I guess I have been very lucky, despite the circumstances!



And, of course… there is also the highly exciting project that I have been doing with photographer Matt Thompson. The project is called Helen’s Story. It’s a set of portraits taken by Matt accompanied with extracts from my (rather personal!) diary. This project is so important to us as it is a subject so close to our hearts.


We wish to spread epilepsy awareness and help alleviate the many stigmas associated with the condition. It’s not just about the seizures either, it’s about actually living with the condition, whether you have the epilepsy or if someone close to you has. It’s about family, friends and relationships…. Hopefully we can eventually reach out to people, not just those with epilepsy, but with other conditions and how they learn to deal with it.


I’m pleased to say that the reception we’ve received for this project has been amazing – it certainly was worth the 14 months of blood, sweat and tears! It’s also been wonderful to hear your stories and experiences too on our Facebook and Twitter pages, whether you have epilepsy or not. We all have issues to deal with in one way or another.


The project will be published and exhibited in 2014 – Eeek!!



Please take a look at our Helen’s Story Facebook and Twitter pages for updates. We would be so grateful if you would be so kind as to follow/like/share etc… Any support would be so appreciated.



Ooh, and this year, I finally worked out how to use Twitter and Tumblr (I think!!) – Hazzah!!



Well I guess 2013 hasn’t been so bad after all… but here’s to an even better 2014!!!


Happy New Year!!!


Love Helen xx


Image ©Gregory Brown – More to follow soon!Image



January – London/Southampton/Birmingham

OooohEeeeeee! Super-dooper busy January coming up…

…And I’m now taking bookings folks!

This month I’ll be based in Southampton, London and Birmingham – although very happy to travel to surrounding areas too!

Southampton: 3rd-6th, 17th-20th & 29th – 31st
London: 8th-13th
Birmingham: 22nd – 27th

January Studio Days:
London 10th: BlingShot Studio

Birmingham 23rd: TipTop Studio
(Slots only £50 each – All inclusive!)

Birmingham 25th: Studio day and Lighting Tuition Premier Studio Days. Various styles and lighting set ups covered. I’ll be modelling from portraiture all the way to nude.
10:30-4:00 and only £125 for the entire day! Crikey!

Message me for bookings and further details!

Helen x



Tumblr Image

The Netherlands.

Busy, busy November!!

Not only was I involving myself in lots of shoots in areas local to my hometown of Southampton and spending a week modelling up in London, I was also lucky enough to spend a few days working in The Netherlands, my first shoot abroad!!

It may not seem a big deal to most, and most models of whom have been modelling for as long as I, have already jetsetted around the world ten times over! But for me, it is a great achievement. It is the first time I have ever been well enough to model in another country – hurrah! Now I have some serious catching up to do as far as travelling is concerned!

I stayed in Marc Vreenegoor’s wonderful studio in Ter Aar, Holland. The studio is awesome and so modern. It also has a very clean and comfortable area for models to stay. Marc really made me feel at home. He got me chocolates and has an espresso machine too. Win!

We got so much done on our shoot and achieved many different styles. I had so much fun trying on lots of different outfits and creating a variety of looks with Marc to make the shoot a versatile as possible…

©Marc Vreenegoor 2013©Marc Vreenegoor 2013©Marc Vreenegoor 2013©Marc Vreenegoor 2013







The next day I shot at a fancy, shamantzy hotel with both Marc and another awesome photographer, Lars Bemelmans. The hotel room was African-themed and there was much shooting potential. I think we got some great shots with a mixture of boudoir and art nude. I had such a hoot working with Marc and Lars with both their very different shooting styles – it definitely kept me on my toes!


Here are a few taken by Lars:

©Lars Bemelmans 2013©Lars Bemelmans 2013©Lars Bemelmans 2013©Lars Bemelmans 2013©Lars Bemelmans 2013










And some from Marc:

©Marc Vreenegoor 2013©Marc Vreenegoor 2013







On the last day I had a splendiferous day to myself, wandering the streets of the beautiful city of Amsterdam, enjoying the galleries and museums (and hot Belgium waffles with melted chocolate!)

Hopefully it won’t be long before I return!


Love Helen x

Just a little announcement…

I just wanted to shout out my utter excitement….


I’m off to Amsterdam today for my first photo shoot abroad…ever!! I know this doesn’t seem like much to most people, but this is something I have wanted to do in YEARS! But due to health issues, it has been something have been unable to achieve.


So today I will have finally succeeded in doing something I’ve desperately wanted to do in so long! Hopefully I can start to plan lots more 🙂




Oooh, and to top it all off – next week I will have been free from major seizures for 3 months!!


My Return!


©Kris Karl 2013

©Kris Karl 2013

Crikey! I haven’t written on here for a little while (naughty!) But I do actually have an excuse this time!

Over the last few months I’ve had to cut right back on modelling due to ill health. It’s been so unbelievably frustrating! I guess I just haven’t had much to write home about for a while!!

I would like to thank everyone who showed their support for me throughout the last few months. The lovely messages and positive emails I had received in this time really touched me. I was was utterly overwhelmed. Without sounding too soppy, your kindness and support really helped me to get back on track. I am also very grateful for everyone’s ongoing support whilst I get going again with modelling.

But anyway… I’m better now and I’m back! Mwahahaha!

Throughout my time off, I have been involved in a very exciting project with photographer, Matt Thompson, that has now, after a period of 18 months, been completed – Hurrah! This project, called Helen’s Story, documents one year of my life & what it’s like to live with epilepsy. To tell the story, a series of photographic portraits by Matt are accompanied by extracts from my personal diary.

Now the images and writing for Helen’s Story is all completed, we’re going through the exciting process of getting coverage, funding, sorting exhibitions…etc.etc. The feedback we have received so far has been phenomenal. So lovely to hear, especially since this project required so much blood, sweat and tears to accomplish. I shall be divulging more into this on my blog very soon… so watch this space!

My Frantic February!

Wow! That was one busy month – In fact I crammed too much in (very naughty of me!) and by the end of it, I was exceptionally exhausted and made me quite ill – if it wasn’t my epilepsy playing up, it was a stomach bug … In fact now I’ve made a promise to myself that I will strictly do only one shoot a week for the foreseeable future. It’s so difficult! I love my job so much and it’s frustrating to have cut down so much!!


But I had some wonderful shoots in February and met some great people. Plus it was my BIRTHDAY!! Eeek 27!  However, luckily I do look rather young for my age (I actually got ID’d for buying Lemsip recently!!). Since I was still recovering from the busy start of the month, I decided to have an uber chilled day. I was very tired and unable to go to the restaurant but  Matt cooked me a really lovely meal and brought home chocolate cake! 🙂


At the start of the month, I worked with a really lovely gentleman and I modelled for his first ever nude set – and he was brilliant! He got some great lighting going on and took his time to achieve some great shots. I was also glad to be of help and add my input wherever I could. He really achieved some great shots for his first time!

He left such a nice reference too – I was so chuffed!:

‘This was my first lingerie / nude shoot, so I was looking for a model to help me find my way. Helen was perfect. She was prompt, a pleasure to work with and regularly came up with suggestions that helped move things along. She had a selection of things to wear and good ideas on lighting and changing make up. After the shoot we walked back to the station together and while we were chatting she mentioned that she had studied photography at college – I am sure that helps as she can understand light and what a photographer is looking for. And, yes, her eyes and hair look as eye-catching as in the photos above! Unhesitatingly recommended.’ Dave N


Bristol Studio Day!!

Well I had a rather marvellous time indeed at Hengrove Studios. This was my fist studio day in a very long time – and I forgot how enjoyable they are!

Hengrove is certainly a fabulous studio – a great choice of backdrops and for the models… a HUGE (and warm!) changing and make up area – I had the space to hang up my outfits and organise myself as I moved from photographer to photographer!! Studio owner, Martyn, is also a really lovely man – exceptionally helpful and really thoughtful towards the model’s needs.

I had the pleasure of working with both faces old and new. I met photographer Markus Jake for the first time and we gelled instantly – so full of awesome ideas – an hour just wasn’t long enough! Hopefully at some point will work together again – and next time for a lot longer than just and hour. Images to follow!


Working with Paul!

I had the utter enjoyment of working and modelling for Paul (Paul’s Studio) whilst he taught a couple of his studio lighting sessions. He’s such a great tutor – even I picked up a few bit’s!! He’s so bubbly and on a telephone conversation prior to the shoot, I knew I was going to have a great time! We also managed to squeeze in a quick shoot together and whizzed around the studio and achieved a whole range of looks and genres in just an hour! Very productive – the images looked great too!


Well I don’t want to bore you! I could spend ages jabbering on about my February happenings – but I’ll have to end it there methinks! Hopefully I’ll soon be able to put up some images from this month very soon! (So sorry this post has no pretty pictures to look at!!).


Helen xx 


In January I had the pleasure of working with Paul Macman for two whole days at a beautiful mansion, Plas Cilybebyll in Wales.

This was the first time I’ve ever worked with Paul – and we got on so well!! We both have very similar tastes when it comes to photography and were continually bouncing ideas off each other. I had great fun and we achieved a lot!

Here are just a few of the images (all ©Paul Macman):

U N T I T L E D Sunk Skinny Dipper Pronation










(The chemicals in the swimming pool were a bit strong – my face was a trashed and my hair reeked for days afterwards!! But we got some fabulous shots – so definitely worth it!! Nothing a bit (or a lot!) of Bio Oil can’t sort out!!)

We were also joined by other wonderful photographers and models. It was so nice meeting everybody – I love getting to know other models, I seem to spend a lot of time with photographers (not that I’m complaining!! 😉 ). But I find it’s always rather lovely to meet girls who do the same job as me. I had the pleasure of meeting Leah Axl, Harriet Langley, Ella Rose, Rosa Dela and many others – all very lovelyl!

My roomie for the night was Rosa – she was great fun and spent most of the evening chatting away! The next day I couldn’t resist ambushing Rosa and photographer, John Duder’s glamour set! It was lovely to get a quick photograph of Rosa and I! May be one day we’ll work together again (but next time, hopefully the shoot will last longer than 1o minutes!).

Rosa and I:

Rosa and I






©John Duder


My two day shoot was exhausting, but I’m so glad I did it!! Thank you to everybody who was there – I really had a marvellous time!


My Shoot with Gary Breckheimer.

I had an absolute hoot working with the awesome Gary Brekheimer, probably one of my most exhilarating shoots to date.

Central Southampton…Naked…In rush hour.

Each set was well planned and quickly executed, plus we had a get-away driver, so no arrests! (Always a bonus).

I’m a big fan of his work and it was such an honour to work with him – he’s an awesome guy too!



Plugged In

Plugged In





Bad Dogs

Bad Dogs


After a long and arduous stuggle, I have finally worked out how to blog – I’m a little simple with regards to technical tasks! (There, I said it!).

But aside from that… WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE AND BLOG! I shall now start to self-indulgently compose recordings of various incidents of my life – Sheesh! I do hope I don’t bore you all to much!

Helen x


Here’s a nice cheesy grin to get you in the mood….