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©Kris Karl
©Kris Karl

Travel and Availability:-

Here’s where you can find out where I’ll be throughout the next few months! I like to travel around a lot and I’ll be organising lot’s of different tours throughout this year.

If you’re area is currently not listed, then please do get in contact with me and I’ll arrange a trip to your area!


Unless otherwise stated, my studio days are priced at £50 per hourly slot. This price is all inclusive – myself and full use of the studio. A snitch of the price it would usually cost to hire model and studio together!


London: 8th-13th     Studio day @ BlingShot Studio (10th January) –  Only 4 spaces left!!

Southampton: 14th – 20th

Birmingham: 22nd-27th  Studio day @ TipTop Studio (23rd January) 

                  Studio Lighting & Model Day (25th January) @ Premier Studio Days Only £125 for the day!


Southampton: 1st-10th

London: 12th-17th

Southampton: 19th-26th

Birmingham: 28th


Birmingham: 1st-2nd

Manchester: 3rd-7th

Southampton: 11th-14th

London: 26th-31st

Southampton: 2nd-5th



Edinburgh: 9th-13th

Dundee: 14th-17th

Aberdeen: 18th-23rd

Glasgow: 23rd-27th

When contacting me regarding a shoot, please try to include as much information as you can – this makes the whole process all lovely and efficient! If at all possible, please include such details as the style of the shoot (if you are able to link me to a moodboard/shoot plan, then that’ll just be fabulous!), whether an MUA/stylist will be present, how long you’d like to book me for, the location and dates. The more information I know prior to a shoot i.e styling/outfits/mood, then the more productive it’ll be!

So drop me a line!

Helen x


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